Tour de France through the years

Locally known as Le Tour De France – You’ll find the word “de” in its name which is a French word and means “of”. Thus it can also be called the “Tour of France”. It is the biggest platform for professional cyclists.  It has been organized successfully every year for over a century. It is the most popular sports game in the world. It is an annual multiple game of cycling, bicycling race.

It hosts around 20-22 teams with 9 cyclists in each team. The modern-day edition comprises of 21 segments which continue all-day-long while the whole race runs for 23 days, covering a massive distance of 3500 kilometers. The Tour de France is the largest annual sporting event; it is watched by a staggering 3.5 billion people all around the world.

The first Tour de France was held in 1903. A five-staged race (now 21-stage), ran for 6 days. Cyclists took off in Paris and stopped at Lyon, Marseille, Bordeaux and Nantes before finally returning to Paris.

Maurice Garin was the winner of the first edition, but later he was stripped off of his title in the next season for cheating. As it was found that he took a train to reach the destination.

The primary contest in the Tour de France and the earliest is referred to as the ‘general classification’, in which the yellow jersey is given: the victor with this is said to have won the race.

Several riders from every team objective to win complete but there are three additional contests to attract a categorization for young riders: points, mountains, and riders of specializations with general classification aspirations.

The leader of each of the aforementioned classifications wears a jersey that is distinguishing, with riders leading multiple categorizations wearing the jersey of the most esteemed he leads.

Along with these four categorizations, there are categorizations that are discontinued and several minor which are competed for during the race.

Prize money has always been granted. From 20,000 old francs, the first has grown each year, although from 1976 to 1987 the first prize was an apartment offered by the race sponsor. The first prize in 1988 was a car, a studio apartment, a work of art and 500,000 francs in cash. Prizes just in cash returned in 1990.

Bonuses and prizes are given for final placing and day-to-day placing at the conclusion of the race. In 2009, the winner received €450,000, while each of the 21 stage victors won €8,000 (€10,000 for the team time-trial stage). €25,000 is the price for points classification and mountains classification for each winner, the young rider competition and the combatively prize €20,000, and €50,000 for the victor of the team classification (computed by adding the cumulative times of the best three riders in each team).

In the memory of the founder of the Tour the “Souvenir Henri Desgrange” is given to the first rider over the highest col in the Tour, or to the first rider over the “Col du Galibier” where his monument stands. A similar prize, the “Souvenir Jacques Goddet”, is made at the memorial Desgrange’s successor, to Jacques Goddet, at the summit of the Col du Tourmalet.

The 104th event will be held in 2017 and we hope that it will be as exciting as the previous events.