Tour de France and Where to Stay in London

The 2017 tour was originally scheduled to start in London. This would have been the third visit of the tour to London, but London angered the race owners which made them lose the chance to host the start of the 2017 Tour de France.

London made it to stage the Grand Depart by beating the bids from Manchester, Edinburgh and several German regions. The transport for London said that it was pulling out, right before the day while the contracts were meant to be signed.

Leon Daniels, the managing director of surface transport at TfL said that “Difficult choices must be made in order to achieve ensure the value for money.”

The Amaury Sport Organization (ASO), the French company which owns the race, became angered due to the timing of the decision.

Funds would have been provided by the TfL for staging the Tour’s opening stages, as the body responsible for all transport policy in London.

A hugely successful Grand Depart was hosted by London in 2017 and the finish of the Tour’s third stage in 2014 was also celebrated by London.

Yorkshire was the place where the first two stages of last year’s Tour were held. According to the local organizers, an estimated four million spectators were gathered there for this huge event, and it became a source of boosting the economy by 100m pounds.

An amount of 6m pounds was contributed to the Grand Depart budget of 27m pounds , which was nearly as much as the total for two days of racing in 2007.

Given the prospect of major reductions to carry spending across great Britain after in 2013 and the upfront prices, it’s comprehended managers and its parent body, the Greater London Authority, determined the city cannot manage a third visit in the world’s largest bike race.

It is now believed that the Grand Depart of the 2017 will now be held in Germany. And you’ll be surprised to find out that Germany is the country that has not hosted a Tour stage since 2005.

The next year’s Grand Depart will be hosted by the Manche region of Normand, while the Britain Chris Froome will start as defending champion.

However, it will be the 104th edition of the Tour de France that will be held in the next year. And we hope that it will be as exciting as the preoious editions.