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New Life for your old Bicycle

Your bike can feel like it’s an extended part of you with enough riding. Every scratch and scuff carry a memory (mainly distressing), while every other imperfection is evidence of its use.

Yet, over time your bike may seem and may begin to feel like an old dog. Like you recall them doing things may not work and you’ll probably begin lusting after something glossy and new. That is not always the only response.

However, here are a few easy methods to bring new life to your beloved ride, and keep those family relationships complete.

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Tour de France through the years

Locally known as Le Tour De France – You’ll find the word “de” in its name which is a French word and means “of”. Thus it can also be called the “Tour of France”. It is the biggest platform for professional cyclists.  It has been organized successfully every year for over a century. It is the most popular sports game in the world. It is an annual multiple game of cycling, bicycling race.

It hosts around 20-22 teams with 9 cyclists in each team. The modern-day edition comprises of 21 segments which continue all-day-long while the whole race runs for 23 days, covering a massive distance of 3500 kilometers. The Tour de France is the largest annual sporting event; it is watched by a staggering 3.5 billion people all around the world.

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Tour de France and Where to Stay in London

The 2017 tour was originally scheduled to start in London. This would have been the third visit of the tour to London, but London angered the race owners which made them lose the chance to host the start of the 2017 Tour de France.

London made it to stage the Grand Depart by beating the bids from Manchester, Edinburgh and several German regions. The transport for London said that it was pulling out, right before the day while the contracts were meant to be signed.

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